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How to get a range of valuations for your business from a panel of professionals with a track record of completing deals.

There are numerous resources, calculators, theories, opinions regarding business valuation and it is important to review a range of advisers and their opinions and explanations of how they have arrived at the level or range of value they suggest.

Who is this service for?

Business owners with net profits of £250k - £50m with B2B and B2C trading activities. This service does not cover small retail businesses.

What about Confidentiality?

When you supply your information you have an option to keep it confidential/anonymous from the Valuation Panel. We undertake to keep your information confidential.


What does a range of valuations give you as a business owner?

As long as you select an adviser from the Valuation

Panel experienced in your sector and size of business/deal you will end up with a balanced view of what your business might be worth.

Who makes up the Valuation Panel

Private Equity 

Corporate Finance Advisers

Business Brokers

Business Transfer Agents

Is there a cost for this service?

The only cost to use this service is membership of the M&A Info resource, the business valuations are provided free of charge by the Valuation Panel Members.

M&A Info

Membership features & benefits

Factors that influence your business value

Some of the factors that will contribute your value are as follows

The sector you are in

Your balance sheet value

Your profitabilty

Income predictability

How well established

Your people

Your customers

Your suppliers

Your reputation

Your reason for sale

Special factors

Business outlook

Debt levels


Up to date information

How not to value your business

The reason we offer you this service is because our core business is finding acquisition opportunities for serious acquirers.

The greatest challenge we face is deals that have been valued extremely optimistically (not by you!). We know what serious buyers will pay.

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